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Six solid hours today, maybe closer to seven but lost track for a bit doing some chores so I’ll call it six. I started early, about 9:30am. I was worried that it was going to be a dreary day for a while, but things finally cleared up around noon and turned into a gorgeous day.

Worked on a couple pieces that I started a while ago. The darker one was going along good, then started going muddy. Not enough contrast in the dark areas. Thank goodness it’s acrylics and can be painted over. The other one (on the left) I am very happy with so far. It has a ways to go yet.

Tomorrow I hope to get out there early again for three hours or so, then spend the rest of the day on the perennial bed. The weeds are taking over.


No painting today.  I couldn’t handle another day of sitting on the floor to work, so I had to straighten up the front porch and table so there’s somewhere to lay work flat. While I do have an easel, I tend to move work about as I go along, from flat to upright and back to flat again.

There is a problem developing. The picture below is my enclosed front porch, just inside the front door. I’ve been using the porch for storage all winter. That’s fine and dandy during the winter but now it’s nice enough to spend time out there. Today quite a bit of stuff was hauled back out to the garage or basement, but there’s really nowhere for the finished or partly finished canvases. The cement floor of the garage & basement make them too damp for any long term storage. There’s nowhere inside the house to stack them up either.


Here’s some goodies I found while cleaning up this archaeological dig I call a home studio – six canvases I started sometime since last fall. Each one hit a brick wall and was put aside because they were getting sucky and I didn’t know what to do next. I found a couple more after taking the picture, along with some watercolors and pastels. I had a whole lot of good intentions this winter, didn’t I?


I think part of the problem is I get frustrated at how cramped everything is. I get a great idea but it takes time to shuffle boxes around to find what I’m looking for. I also like to jump around from one project to another, but putting one thing away before resuming another gets annoying. Of course it doesn’t help that I’m not satisfied with just one or two mediums; there’s boxes of fabric and sewing supplies, five sewing machines, knitting & yarn stuff, needlework & embroidery, beads & jewelry supplies……my own personal fabric & art supply store. Gads.

Tomorrow I will paint. I put everything out there so it’s ready to go with no excuses.

Twitter #20hrchallenge – Day 1, 3hrs.

Goal is to work a solid 20 studio hours in the coming week. I need this kick in the butt. Perhaps it will help me get out of the funk I’ve been in this winter and stimulate the creative juices again.

Today I played with pastels, following up on something I started last fall. I experimented using pastels for a toned ground on canvas and panels, using matte medium to spread the color around and act as a fixer/binder. I like the translucence and being able to see the previous brushmarks under each layer.


A closeup of the texture and how the pastel pigment creates a very translucent color. This particular panel was coated with a thin layer of Liquitex Super Heavy Gesso, so it had some texture to start with.


Today I used only paper and water,  just to see how colors would blend and bleed.  Materials:  NuPastels and Sakura Carre pastels. Both are hard pastels.

I worked on the floor because the table needs cleaned off. The knees were barking at me, but I managed a solid three hours in between some other chores. I did get some motivation to clean up the porch so I can work out there tomorrow where the light is much better.  It’s unheated, so it serves as a storage room during cold months for all the overflow from the main room.


Finished work

A couple wearable art pieces. These are for sale in my shop as well as at the ArtRageous Gallery. The flowers & leaves are made entirely of ribbon, then sewn on. Some hand embroidery finishes the designs.


I’ve found a local gallery to carry some of my work. It’s the Art-Rageous Gallery in downtown Mount Clemens, Michigan. The owner is a nice lady and the prices are very reasonable….almost too reasonable, considering the time and effort that went into some of the things for sale. You can pick up something unique and handmade for the same price you’d pay in an upscale department store. There is a mix of artists and media, from jewelry and clothing to metal and glass, and prints, photography and painting. My eclectic mix of media and method fits right in.

Ah well….I like to tell myself it’s better to get a few dollars for something, rather than nothing at all. My work doesn’t do me any good leaning against a wall collecting dust. If I can at least get the cost of materials, I can keep on making more. Which is really what it’s all about.

You can see my work at:


35 N Main St

Mt Clemens, MI 48043



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